Future Card Buddyfight100
Autumn, 2015

Future Card Buddyfight100

It is the year 23, and the stage is the capital of Japan, Chou-Tokyo.

Through “Buddyfight”, humans have started cultural interactions with residents from other worlds called “Affinity Dimensions”. Buddyfight is a game with selected humans as the “Buddyfighter”, and residents from the other world as the partner (known as “Buddy Monster”). These battles have high significance and sometimes it is even used to decide the fate of a nation, and naturally there are those who seek to use the Buddy Monsters for evil purposes.

Gao Mikado is a 6th year elementary student at Aibo Academy. He really likes Buddyfight, and hopes to have a Buddy Monster someday. One fine day, Gao rescues a boy from some hooligans out of kindness, and this act catches the attention of a monster from the other world. This monster happens to be “Drum Bunker Dragon”, son of a hero from Dragon World. Drum takes a liking to the unconventional Gao, and forms a pact with him as a buddy.

This is the story of their journey, and the deep bonds they forge with each other, as well as the various friends they meet along the way!


Executive ProducerTakaaki Kidani
Planning/ConceptBushiroad / Studio Iketti
Original WorkBushiroad
DirectorShigetaka Ikeda
Original Character DesignerQuily
Main Monster DesignersTow Nakazaki, Muranako
Original SettingRyoma Kaneko
Cardfight ComposerHaru Kojo
Series ComposerMasanao Akahoshi
Character DesignerKumiko Ozawa


Akatsuki KisaragiSuzuko Mimori
Tasuku RyuenjiSouma Saito
Jacknife DragonHiroki Yasumoto
Baku OmoriShuta Morishima
Kuguru UkiMikoi Sasaki
Tetsuya KurodakeKazutomi Yamamoto
Demon Lord AsmodaiTetsuharu Ohta
Gao MikadoMarie Mizuno
Drumbunker DragonShintarou Oohata
Zanya KisaragiMitsuki Saiga